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Patients often say

"My nose is blocked and it is hard to breathe"

"When there is dust, especially in the spring and fall seasons, my eyes are itchy, my nose blocked or my nose runs."

A person's body is constantly working to protect and heal itself. Some people have allergies, but others don’t.

It is interesting to understand why this difference occurs.

How does it work?

Based on Asian medicine theory, allergy is caused by a decrease in immunity.

If your body has enough strength to cleanse and overcome external contaminants, it will not cause allergies.

But if your body is not strong enough to cleanse and overcome the external contaminants, the body reacts to protect itself. For example;

  • The body expands the inside of the nose and narrows the space to prevent external contaminants from entering the body.

  • The body sends out the external contaminants from the body through a runny nose.

  • The body sends out the external contaminants that come into the eyes through the tears.

Through Choice Acupuncture clinic's 'Detailed Questionnaire', Joseph finds the 'Root' cause of allergies and treats them to improve immunity and minimize recurrence.​ By treating allergies, additional problems such as pain, sleep disorders, menopausal disorders, digestive disorders, mental illness, and chronic fatigue may improve as well.

Acupuncture for Sinus Treatment


In addition to our allergy treatment, we also deal with sinus issues in a very effective way. See why our customers are getting so much relief, and seeing results so quickly. It's a healthy natural alternative to medication!

Our Other Specialties

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