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Facial Acupuncture

Why would I need Facial Acupuncture?

As we age, there is a decrease in the density and resilience of skin and muscle, becoming less firm, less strong and less able to retain its shape as effectively as when you were young. And thanks to gravity, that looser skin and muscle starts to sag. Acupuncture helps revitalize and nourish the skin, combating the negative effects of gravity and aging. Acupuncture also stimulates the production of collagen which helps improve elasticity, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

The Science Behind Facial Acupuncture

Needles as thin as a strand of hair are inserted carefully into key areas and creases in the face, causing tiny microtraumas to the skin. This stimulates your lymphatic and circulatory systems which then work together to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your skin and muscle cells, nourishing you from the inside out. This helps even out your complexion and promote your skin’s glow and muscle tone. 

Non-invasive and All Natural

This ancient beauty secret is a non-invasive and natural approach to reduce the signs of aging and help the face regain its youthful glow and tone. It is the only targeted beauty treatment with direct health and well-being benefits. Therefore, we’re delighted to bring you a more natural and safe way to achieve that youthful appearance.

What are the Expectations of Facial Acupuncture?

Many people start to see improvements right away, the majority, after just 5-6 treatments, however; to see optimum results, we recommend 10-12 treatments once or twice a week. After that, we suggest a “maintenance stage,” where you get the treatment every four to eight weeks.

BENEFITS of Facial Acupuncture

Unlike Bot_x or fillers, the focus is to create long-term changes in the health of the skin and muscles, not short-term quick fixes. There are no side effects or potential allergies. 

Benefits include:

  • Reduction of Fine Lines

  • Softening of Deeper Wrinkles

  • Lifting and Toning Muscles

  • Evening of Skin Tone & Texture

  • Reduction of Under-Eye Bags

  • Complexion Improvement

  • Better Skin Hydration

  • Increase Circulation & Vitality

Radiate youth and vitality by adding Facial Acupuncture to your anti-aging regimen. Facial Acupuncture promotes subtle, natural-looking changes to the skin over time.


Schedule your Facial Acupuncture treatment today utilizing our introductory offer of $150.00 per treatment.

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