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I have been coming to Choice Acupuncture for about 2 years for various sports related ailments and would never consider going anywhere else.  Joseph is the BEST and has always been able to get me moving again very quickly.  He is knowledgeable, patient, caring, and honest.   As an active adult, I will be coming here for years to come!

Evelia W.



I love Joseph. He is a very caring person who has helped me tremendously with digestive problems and back problems. I have never had to wait for my appointment. I would never go to anyone else!

John H.



I have not been back to Choice in more than eight months but I feel compelled to give Joseph yet another updated review. After many years of constant arthritic foot pain and trying a variety of remedies without relief, I gave Choice a shot and it was the best decision I have made in years. Even though I have not seen him in months, I think of Joseph many times each and every day. When I walk my dog in the morning without pain, Joseph comes to mind. When I am on my feet for hours at work without pain, my thoughts turn to Joseph. He has really enhanced my life!

Destiny C.



I have rheumatoid arthritis which I'm not willing to take the hardcore medications doctors would like to put me on. Therefore I live on tons of supplements, a thoughtful diet and pilates. Sadly that isn't always enough so I spend a lot of time in pain more so in winter! RA doesn't like the cold/rain and also season transitions are bad too. I'm so thankful to have found Joseph he's been a great help!

Candice Gustafson



Today was my first experience with acupuncture and I am in shock! I've had chronic pain for years and no Dr. has been able to help me find relief. I've been given every medication possible with no luck. I've had multiple surgeries with no luck. I've been managing it to a functional state through diet, and vitamins but the pain has continued to get worse. Finally, I made the decision to try acupuncture and I wish I would have done it sooner. I was in tears when I left because, for the first time in years, I felt relief! Joseph is amazing and professional and I would recommend everyone to see him if you have chronic pain. You will not regret it! Life changing today.

John H.



I have had serious foot pain for years. About three years ago, I was diagnosed with arthritis in both feet. It got so bad that there were times that I could not stand, walk or move either foot without pain. 

I decided to give acupuncture a shot. I did some research and found that Korean acupuncture can provide more immediate relief than Chinese acupuncture and, since I was in so much pain at that time, I chose Choice. 

I found immediate relief on my first visit. I have now been to Choice once a week for the last five weeks and, for the first time in years, I have absolutely no pain in either foot. They have told me that I can reduce my treatments to once a month, or when/if pain returns. 

Treatments last 20-30 minutes and they are not invasive. You lay on a massage table and Joseph does his thing. He inserts about five needles, mainly in a foot. The needles are not painful at all. There are a couple of sites that are more sensitive than others but they only feel like someone pinches you. Most needles are not felt at all. 

I highly recommend Choice Acupuncture! 

John H.



I had gone to Choice due to extreme arthritis in both feet and I was able to walk away literally pain-free. Pain resurfaced a couple of months later so I went back to see Joseph. I was concerned since I will be a walking scorer at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe next week. I knew this would be unbearable with painful feet. Joseph took me right in and immediately took my pain away. For peace of mind, I asked if I could come back two days later (today - Saturday) and he agreed to see me. Today, as he was treating me, he told me that he was giving me today's treatment for free as a gift. Who does that? No one else that I know. I am now once again looking forward to walking around the Edgewood Golf Course thanks to Joseph.

Scott Ellenberger



Went in for some lower back problems. Not a huge fan of prescription medicine, so thought I’d give it a try. I was a little hesitant at first since I’d never been to an acupuncturist before. So glad I gave it a try. My back pain has gone away and hasn’t come back. It was kinda weird the first time, but now I look forward to seeing the results. It’s been amazing.

But that isn’t the only good thing about the place. What’s nice is they actually care about their patients. They sent me to follow up texts to see how I was feeling, wish us a happy Thanksgiving, little things like that. I've always been able to walk in and there are on time with appointments. And such nice people.

I also have been getting a message with each acupuncture treatment. The massage therapist is so nice and does a great job. The two combined is incredible.

It’s very affordable and they work with insurance. I can’t say enough about how great this place is.

Hayden J.



Joseph is great he's significantly helped with getting better sleep and mood! He's really knowledgeable about how to help issues you have with diet as well. I decided to take my grandpa to him and my grandpa could immediately move his neck to the left and he couldn't do that for years, really cool stuff.

Tom H.



The two gentlemen at Choice acupuncture were very nice and friendly but most importantly they were very informative. I didn't have to ask any questions and they were very thorough. I have already booked my second appointment.

Jessica Cant



I went for the first time today. They are very thorough with explaining and very detailed. I apprenticed their knowledge and explaining everything to me since I've never done acupuncture before. I'm going in for lower back pain, so I'm hoping for the best and I get the results I'm wanting that I haven't gotten anywhere else. So far so good!

Joanna J.



I highly recommend; Choice Acupuncture. At first, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about acupuncture. I never had it before and couldn't imagine the difference a few needles could make. However, Choice Acupuncture made me a believer! 
I was very impressed by the detailed questionnaire I was required to complete which was utilized to pinpoint the issue(s) specific to me. Not to mention, the courteous staff. 
I came in with pain in my neck, back, and issues with dry eyes. When I left, I felt like a new lie! The results were almost instantaneous. That night, I had the best sleep experienced in a long time. Thank you, Joseph Lee & Staff! :-)

Tish Villasenor‎



After only my first visit, the swelling of my knuckle on my finger went down almost completely within a few days, and the pain/pressure in my eye was relieved also! I highly recommend using Choice Acupuncture, Joseph is wonderful and knowledgeable in what areas to focus on! Thank you Choice Acupuncture, and to Joseph!

Helene Taylor



I've been getting Chinese acupuncture on and off for years for a variety of issues and have had success. On one of my visits, I had the pleasure to receive Korean traditional acupuncture from Joseph and I was hooked. I had been experiencing painful plantar fasciitis in both feet and arthritis in my big toe for a very long time. My big toe was so stiff and painful I couldn't move it for months. I do yoga on a regular basis and walk a lot. I was so fearful my feet would never get better. Joesph inserted one needle and asked me how it felt and to try and move my toe. After the third needle, I could wiggle all my toes and flex my feet! Unbelievable and extremely grateful. I have been seeing him once a week or every other week for a variety of ailments. Allergies, painful muscle strains, and bronchial issues. I've had a lump on my tongue for a long time that would swell and be painful. I mentioned to him that I was going to get it cut out. He said "no, don't do that! Let me work on it". During that treatment, the lump became completely pain-free and started to feel less swollen. The next morning it was completely flat. After that, I started to spread the word on how great an acupuncturist Joesph is.


In addition, he offers Thai massage by Dao. Dao is the real deal and a great therapist. Joseph also works with herbs and brews amazing herbal tea that you can smell when you walk in. His office is nice, he bills your insurance, he's very personable, knowledgeable and very welcoming.

Bala S.



I came across this place via a friend recommendation. Joseph who is the acupuncturist is amazing in his services and pinpoint accuracy in remodifying pains and aches. He uses few needles but with great efficacy that provides immediate relief. I thoroughly enjoyed his services

Stephanie B.



Choice acupuncture is sincerely the best acupuncture I have been to.  Korean acupuncture has fewer needles and immediate results. Both my husband and I suffer from stomach issues and feel immediate relief when we have a session with Joseph. My husband has had a recent injury and we have found that working with Joseph is finally getting him better. Can't recommend choice acupuncture enough.

Doug Straight



Joseph is an amazing healer and a wonderful person. When I first called it was on a Saturday and he was about to close. He stayed open to see me. I have been back more than 20 times. The only thing better than the acupuncture treatment is the acupuncture treatment and a Thai massage (amazing). Everyone needs to see Joseph.

Gina C.



I have been coming to Joseph for several months and have experienced great changes in my health. Joseph's technique of Korean Acupuncture addresses the "root" of health problems and has had the effect of healing multiple symptoms. He and his staff are very pleasant and accommodating.

Laura L.



Highly recommended Korean acupuncture with Joseph as a first timer.  In just 2 months my allergies are a lot better my female issues have improved and I even continued to lose weight!  All great things and I will continue to come back as long as I am enjoying these benefits.

Shelly M.



I have had pain in my neck and shoulders for several years, with a limited range of motion in my neck.  On my first visit to Joseph Lee, I noticed instant relief and increase in my range of motion,  and I get better with each visit.
Joseph is extremely knowledgeable and is very good at explaining what he is doing and the effect it would have. 
It has been a great experience and I couldn't be more satisfied with my treatments.

Rachel Leon



I have had pain in my neck and shoulders for several years, with a limited range of motion in my neck.  On my first visit to Joseph Lee, I noticed instant relief and increase in my range of motion,  and I get better with each visit.
Joseph is extremely knowledgeable and is very good at explaining what he is doing and the effect it would have. 
It has been a great experience and I couldn't be more satisfied with my treatments.

Patrick M.



Went to see Joseph Lee, L.Ac. because I have been having bad pain in my shoulder for the past few months.  We went through a good pre-session so he could get to know my health history.  He one needle in my left two and my right shoulder immediately feels better!

Nice guy.  Definitely knows what he is doing.  Highly recommend.

Russ Mathews



I had my first ever acupuncture appointment last week. It was amazing and took away all my pain. Dr. Joseph has great skill and it works. Highly recommended.

Dan R.



I visited Joseph at choice Acupuncture, this week for the first time. Never trying Acupuncture, I was very skeptical. I filled out paperwork, which was very detailed. This was necessary as it helped Joseph treat my personal pain related issues, due to a previous hip, and shoulder surgery. After a consultation reviewing my pain symptoms, I was ready to start my acupuncture. As soon as the first of 5 needles total placed(which was painless) I felt a major pain release, and calm over my body head to toe. After suffering from chronic pain, I remembered laying on the table in awe of the relief, and feeling of overall well being. I brought my girlfriend my second visit!!!, she loved it. I went in for pain issues, walked out pain-free, it has helped my sleep, digestion, and feel great! Thank you, Joseph, for working your magic!!

Jamie P.



Went to Joseph for the first time and it was nothing that I expected. I never had acupuncture before so I was a little leery. Joseph made that hesitation go away immediately with his comforting demeanor and very knowledgeable information. I instantly felt at ease and truly enjoyed every second of my visit. I will be a long time patient and will recommend Joseph to others.

Laura L McDermott



Joesph is an amazingly, knowledgeable acupuncturist! I was referred to him by my cousin, who highly recommends him, and I can see why...after just 2 visits I have noticed great results!

Laura Hromanik



I just had a quick 5-minute session with Joseph and am speechless. My hips have been so tight and getting worse over the last 15 years. I had my first treatment with 4 needles today and have an increased range of motion and decreased pain. Wow!

Karen Johnson



I had my first acupuncture visit today with Joseph K. Lee at the Folsom location. I was very impressed with how professional and knowledgeable he was. He explained the benefits of acupuncture very clearly. I will definitely be a regular customer. Thank you. K. Johnson, Cool CA.

Ina Murdock-Santos



This acupuncture center is an amazing gem! As someone who gets acupuncture quite a lot for desk sitting induced back pain, Joseph has been extremely effective, in a very short time! His approach of really analyzing your symptoms and making strategic choices gave me immediate relief--it was simply magic. I live in SF but might be forced to drive the 3+ hours just to see him; he's a wizard!!!!

Stephanie Ruth Hansel Bosse



Joseph does a wonderful job of explaining and helping you understand the correlations between different ailments one might have and treating the body as a whole. I have no previous experience with Korean Acupuncture and have thus far found the reduction in exercise-induced asthma, stomach pain due to hormonal factors general pain areas throughout my body and even symptoms of a dry eye! It's fascinating how rapidly the treatment alleviates symptoms. Highly recommended.

April S.



I had my first treatment at Choice Acupuncture last Thursday (9/21/16)
I have used both Western and Japanese Acupuncture before- both of which went directly to the site of the pain. Trying Korean Acupuncture for the first time, they did a thorough survey of where/when/how much pain I have. Also, he used a scale model of the human body showing which nerves run to which places/control which places. From that, he got a complete idea of how I experienced pain, and treated every aspect of it. I highly recommend this service!

Denise Colter



I am SO glad I noticed Choice Acupuncture on the way to work. I was lucky to get an appointment with Joseph today and was amazed at the reduction in pain in my shoulder and sinus after one treatment. I have had acupuncture at different locations for years and Joseph's treatment was relaxing and effective. I will be returning on Tuesday.

Alicia S.



I wish there were more stars I could give Choice Acupuncture.  My husband and I both are so pleased with our treatment and results. We now go weekly, and look forward to it.
I have been to Chinese Acupuncturists in the past, and I find that I now prefer the Korean traditional acupuncture which is what is practiced at Choice Acupuncture.

Joseph is excellent at explaining everything he is doing and why. He uses very few needles. I have never before experienced immediate results until I came to Choice Acupuncture.
Dao, the massage therapist does Thai massage. It is by far the best massage I have experienced in this area, and the fact it is covered by my insurance is an added bonus.

The office is very clean. I highly recommend Choice Acupuncture.  I have already told most of my friends. Joseph does all the insurance billing for you, which is very helpful and convenient.

Yan Li



When I visited Choice Acupuncture the first time, Joseph was very friendly greeting me and giving me a lot of information about Korean Acupuncture to help me understand how it works. After the initial treatment and consultation, I noticed a reduction of my upper back pain and my abdominal bloating symptom reduced also. After two more treatments last week, my upper and middle back pain was gone completely. He also lets me use his stretching machine for free which really helps me to stretch out my bones creating space for my organs to function better. I am going to continue my treatment with Joseph hoping to heal my lower back pain and abdominal bloating problem.

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